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In the world of photography, few opportunities carry the weight of history and emotion like documenting remembrance events. As a photographer for the New South Wales Association of Jewish

Ex-Servicemen and Women (NAJEX) Remembrance Day, I had the privilege of capturing moments that transcend time, telling stories of courage, sacrifice, and resilience.

NAJEX Remembrance Day is a poignant occasion that pays homage to Jewish veterans who have served in the armed forces. The event, held annually, becomes a living testament to the dedication and sacrifices made by these individuals. As a photographer, my task was not merely to capture images but to weave a visual narrative that echoes the reverence and gratitude felt by the community.

This year was also a moving special ceremony due the Centenary of the opening of the NSW Jewish War Memorial by Sir John Monash at the Armistice Day commemoration held in the building in 1923. 

Every photography assignment requires preparation, but capturing the essence of Remembrance Day demanded a unique mindset. Sensitivity to the solemnity of the occasion was paramount, as was an understanding of the cultural significance. Knowing the history and traditions of the Jewish community allowed me to approach the event with a respectful perspective, ensuring my images would reflect the gravity of the moment. 

Photography is not just about freezing moments in time; it is about connecting with the people and stories behind the lens. During the NAJEX Remembrance Day, I found myself immersed in the narratives of Major General Jeffrey V Rosenfeld AC OBE KStJ who was a neurosurgon in the defence force.

From the wreath-laying ceremony to the somber sermons, every element of the Remembrance Day event held deep symbolic meaning. As a photographer, my challenge was to translate these symbols into visual poetry. The rich colors of the flags, the stoic posture of veterans, and the quiet reflection in the eyes of attendees all became vital components of the narrative I sought to create.

Working as a photographer on Remembrance Day presented its share of challenges, including navigating crowded spaces with respect and discretion. However, the rewards far outweighed the difficulties. The gratitude expressed by the Jewish community, the warmth of shared stories, and the knowledge that my images would become a part of their historical archive made every effort worthwhile.

Being a photographer for NAJEX Remembrance Day was not just a professional assignment; it was a journey into the heart of a community's history and a celebration of the indomitable spirit of those who have served. Through the lens, I had the privilege of capturing not just images but the soul-stirring stories of resilience, honor, and remembrance that will endure for generations to come. In these moments frozen in time, the legacy of Jewish veterans lives on, reminding us all of the importance of remembering and honoring those who have paved the way for our freedom and peace.

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Sam Babus

Founder and Photographer at SB Creatives Photography