It's Sam from SB Creatives Photography here...

Kol Halev, meaning "All the Heart," is a significant campaign launched by leading Jewish organisations in Australia, aimed at advocating for constitutional recognition and the establishment of a Voice to advise Parliament on issues concerning Indigenous peoples. As a professional photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the essence of this extraordinary and important event through my lens. 

As I walked through the event, I was instantly enveloped in the warm and inviting atmosphere. From the panel speakers and the informative talks that resonated through the crowd, people were left inspired and empowered to help the Australian indigenous communities. 

Kol Halev seeks to encourage Jewish Australians to vote "Yes" in an upcoming referendum to pave the way for constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians and the establishment of The Voice as an advisory body.

Kol Halev serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of cultural preservation and appreciation, urging us all to recognise and respect the rich history and heritage of the traditional custodians of the land we inhabit. 

As a photographer, I feel immensely grateful for being part of this celebration, and I hope that my photographs will act as a tribute to the resilience and spirit of the indigienous people and the beauty of cultural diversity.

Until Next Time...

Sam Babus

Lead Photographer at SB Creatives Photography