It’s Sam from SB Creatives Photography here:

Welcome back to 2024! I hope you all had a nice relaxing holiday with your friends and loved ones. Please read below for the first job which I did this year.

Celebrating milestones is a beautiful tapestry of memories, and capturing these moments becomes an art form that freezes time. Recently, I had the privilege of photographing Alex's 90th birthday celebration brunch—an event filled with laughter, love, and a lifetime of stories. In this blog post, I'll share my experience and offer some insights into photographing such a special occasion.

A milestone celebration often brings together friends and family from different phases of life. I made sure to capture formal group shots that showcased the diverse relationships that have shaped Alex's journey. From childhood friends to grandchildren, each group photograph became a testament to the bonds formed over the years. 

Photographing Alex's 90th birthday celebration brunch was a privilege and an artistic endeavor. Each photograph tells a story, weaving together the threads of a rich and meaningful life. As photographers, we have the incredible task of freezing time, creating visual memories that transcend generations. In celebrating milestones, we not only capture the present but also contribute to the timeless legacy of the past. Alex's celebration was a testament to the power of photography to encapsulate the beauty of life's journey.

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Sam Babus

Founder and Photographer at SB Creatives Photography