Event and Family Photographer in Sydney Australia

General F&Q

Why Hire An Event or Family Photographer?

Hiring an event or family photographer - SB Creatives Photography is important as you can get and achieve a consistent look. I do this by applying my education and training to all sessions by being adaptable to all situations.

Do You Back Up My Images?

All of your images are backed up on multiple hard drives. You will have access to your images at any time.

Am I Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

Yes, I am. I can provide you with my certificate upon request.

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Use?

I use a industry standard cameras and strobes with different Canon lenses.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Photos?

The timeframe that you will get your photos is within 1 week of your event photography date

Will My Images Be Shown On Your Website Or Social Media?

As a photographer it’s important for me to be able to show my existing body of work to attract new clients and illustrate what I can do!

Typically, you can expect to see highlights from my shoots with you to show up on my social media business account and crediting all the vendors. You have the option to not give me permission to do this. I totally respect this decision.

Event and Family Photography specific F&Q

How do you handle low lighting situations?

I have both the knowledge and the gear to handle low light situations. Gear includes appropriate cameras, lenses, and strobes.

How do you choose which images are delivered?

I make sure every image offers something unique. I do not put the burden of selecting which of two nearly identical images is best on my client. I know my clients do not need 10,000 mediocre images: they need images that accurately captures the magic.

Do you provide RAW photos?

As a photographer it's our job to make sure you are happy with your products and our services. However, we do not deliver RAW files, but you will have peace of mind that your photos will be in high quality JPG that is print and social media ready.

EMAIL: sbcreatives@outlook.com.au

ABN: 72264949280